Baby Christopher's Quilt

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh man has it been a while. That's not to say I haven't been crafting. I have been just barely here and there. Wedding/busy season is now in full swing but Ive managed to crank out a few things so far. February was my month in the quilting bee and Ive received all my blocks and i'm excited about putting them all together. Ive pieced one quilt top and I just need to quilt it now. Its a present so I can post it yet. But I have finished one quilt for my friend Ashley. She's having a baby boy in late May and I wanted to make her something. She's a crafty person too so I was a bit nervous especially trying this new pattern. It was ok. I wasn't really a fan of it but I think the quilt turned out alright. Maybe Ill try it again. Ive been collecting the Mendocino line and I love all the zigzag quilts i've seen from that so far. What do you think?

My favorite was the binding. I love it!

Obviously I took this in a hurry and needed some way of holding it up. It worked.

I used two fabric lines here but they are both by David Harry for Freespirit. One was Robots and the other was the jungle animals and transportation. As soon as I saw this fabric I thought of Phillip mainly and I figured Ashley would like it as well.


Isnt this fabric the cutest thing you've ever seen? Its from IKEA. I love that place!

Yay. Ill try and update more often.


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