Update: Free Glasses!

Monday, February 28, 2011

About a week ago I blogged about Coastal Contacts giving away free prescription glasses AND lenses to folks in NC.

Well, they're in!

How's that for a duck face?

They are still giving out free glasses and every day the state is different so be sure to check and see if your state is coming up soon!


My Woodland themed Baby Shower!

Finally we get to MY baby shower! It was last Saturday and super awesome. My good friends Bentley and Jessica totally out did themselves. The decorations were fun, the food was good and they kept it as eco friendly as they could. :)

PS this is a long post with a lot of photos.

The invite said, 
"Were wild excited and happy to say
A special tiny critter is on his way!"

So cute!

Jambo trying to get his drink on

Yay for a cloth diaper wreath!

There were photos of Neil and I hanging all around the party, most peoples favorite photo was the one of Neil and I with the argyle sweaters on.



I love the cupcakes. They look like little nests!

Jessica made this awesome table runner!


Jessicas mom made this quilt for me so everyone could sign it and send Jack love messages! (PS: I know you read my blog, so thanks Jessicas mom !!)



I love these little girls. They are so friendly and lovey.

I love Mary Ellens face here..


Charlie was having a good time

Angie painted me 3 woodland murals for LJ's nursery! So awesome! I have such talented friends!



Stella really liked to shake Charlie, poor kiddo. It was pretty entertaining though

Diapers make awesome hats didnt you know?
After this she took the "stuffing" out and laid on it. She TOTALLY knew what it was. Super smart little girl


Isnt my dress the cutest? And its not maternity (Old Navy $5!)

One of my good friends came down from Virginia Beach to come to the party. Oh yeah.. by the way this is the most awkward photo EVER. I love it!
He also took most of the photos during the party so yay for him. Thanks Michael for coming AND for the photos!! So glad you could make it!

This is me with Jessica and Bentley, btw not one good photo of all 3 of us where they arent grabbing my boob. ;)


Flowers make me wish it were April!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A while ago I had a session with my friend Maxine of Maxibelle Photography. We decided to do a trade kinda thing and I was going to make her some props for her newborn sessions. Ive been busy and she hadnt needed them until recently. She asked me to make a few for her session this weekend. I didnt have too too much time but I managed to crank out a few. I madea few for myself as well. I found this fabric on sale a few weeks ago and only bought enough for one flower. I like the color choices I made. They kinda worked out.
These 3 are my favorite. The stripey on is actually going to be the binding on one of Jacks quilts Im doing that I had a little extra of. They were originally pillow cases.
These last three are the ones I made for her. I cant wait to see what she comes up with. 


Most AWESOME quilt ever

Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, Id just like to say. I am blessed with a pretty awesome mother in law. Were pretty alike which makes me laugh since supposedly "you marry your mother" or father or whatever. I was always nervous Id end up married to a dead beat.. or Id be a single mom cause thats how my mom raised me and I never knew my dad.. so there wasnt much to base it on. Anyway, my mother in law is great. :) She also quilts and knits and crochets and all that fun crafty stuff. When she found out I was pregnant I think she sent this kiddo a present once a week! So this is the first blanket Ive received Im just behind on blogging it all. Anyway, this one was too AMAZING to not blog. 

She asked me a while back what sort of fabrics I wanted in a quilt she was going to make. I already knew weather it was a boy or a girl I wanted a Dr Seuss quilt. I was ecstatic when the new Seuss line launched. Im a pretty big fan of the Dr. She mixed together fat quarters from the Celebrate Suess line and and Cat in the Hat line Kaufman made and it turned out AWESOME.

This is the best view of the whole quilt I could get by myself. Isnt is awesome and lovely and bright?
The back looks just as cool.


<3 Horton
Gotta have some of the Grinch in there.

She bound it with black and white polka dots which I really think set everything perfectly.


28.5 Weeks along

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well.. so far the third trimester is just like the first two.

Im still feeling awesome. Theres a little back pain every now and then but nothing too too bad. Im not crying about it at least. I had my 28 week appointment yesterday and it was one of my favorites. I met with the 4th of the Doctors that MAY or MAY not deliver Jack. He was my absolute favorite. I felt like he was a real person and cared, not just there cause he has to be but cause he wants to.. if that makes sense. All the same, I told him he's hired and I really hope he's on call the night I go into labor.. or day- whichever. My blood pressure was normal.. not that I remember the numbers but normal all the same. Im now 160 lbs (EEEEEEEK) but it only puts me up +14 lbs total. Which seems to be right on track weight wise. I dont really feel big so its ok. Apparently Jack is head down already. Which makes me think of that "Head On" commercial from a few years ago. Except it makes me want to change it to say, "Head down. Apply directly to the birth canal!" :)

28.5weeks copy

I leave for WPPI in Las Vegas on Sunday and I couldnt be more excited. I AM a bit nervous about all the walking and how my joints are going to handle it. Hopefully Ill be ok and there wont be any hurting.. or aching.. well hopefully not TOO much. Its going to be awesome and I cant wait to see some of the people I met last year and met a TON of new folks this year. I only wish we knew where we were moving so I could start networking with folks where Ill be living soonish. Oh well. Less than a week away now :) CANT WAIT!


Free Glasses!

So, Im all about a good deal right?

Well right now Coastal Contacts is giving away FREE glasses to folks that live in North Carolina or South Carolina. Go to their Facebook page, like them on find their FREE GLASSES tab and get your code.

Its been about 4 years since Ive got a new pair of glasses and im a little tired of them.
I got these:

Hello cuteness! Im a bit nervous about the blue but the good thing is I have 30 days to exchange them.

I ended up getting a few extra coatings for glare and protection for around $11
plus 6ish in insurance(mandatory) and shipping was $9.95. So I paid around $26 for these glasses which isnt technically free. But its a lot better than paying full price right?

Also I clicked through on EBATES. They are giving 7% back right now. :) So be sure to click through cause every little bit counts.


almost, Wordless Wednesday | Family (minusTwo Men)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddy needs to get home from deployment already!


Cocktails & Mocktails | A Baby Shower

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of my friends is due with her first baby. It's a girl! Last night was her baby shower and it was awesome. The hosts Emily and Amy did a fantastic job( and they are BOTH pregnant too!)
Im quite sad I couldnt have any of the cocktails last night.
This diaper cake will probably be my first AND last diaper cake. It is hard to make one of those with just two hands! Plus- there is no classy way to do a diaper cake.
I look like a total goof here but in the other one the lady of honor blinked! :)
From the side. There were 2 other pregnant ladies there earlier but they managed to escape before photos.
Emily and I. Were due on the same date and she's having a girl. So, Little Jack is set on girlfriends. Especially IF she looks like Emily. Uhhh hello gorgeous baby on the way!


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