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Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, Id just like to say. I am blessed with a pretty awesome mother in law. Were pretty alike which makes me laugh since supposedly "you marry your mother" or father or whatever. I was always nervous Id end up married to a dead beat.. or Id be a single mom cause thats how my mom raised me and I never knew my dad.. so there wasnt much to base it on. Anyway, my mother in law is great. :) She also quilts and knits and crochets and all that fun crafty stuff. When she found out I was pregnant I think she sent this kiddo a present once a week! So this is the first blanket Ive received Im just behind on blogging it all. Anyway, this one was too AMAZING to not blog. 

She asked me a while back what sort of fabrics I wanted in a quilt she was going to make. I already knew weather it was a boy or a girl I wanted a Dr Seuss quilt. I was ecstatic when the new Seuss line launched. Im a pretty big fan of the Dr. She mixed together fat quarters from the Celebrate Suess line and and Cat in the Hat line Kaufman made and it turned out AWESOME.

This is the best view of the whole quilt I could get by myself. Isnt is awesome and lovely and bright?
The back looks just as cool.


<3 Horton
Gotta have some of the Grinch in there.

She bound it with black and white polka dots which I really think set everything perfectly.


Sarah C. February 24, 2011 at 4:50 PM  

Fabulous! Oh how I wish I could quilt (tried once and it was a disaster! LOL). I actually saw these lines at a quilt shop today while buying fabric for another project. My 19mo son headed straight for the bright, cheery Suess prints. I'm sure your little one will treasure this special gift! :)

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