28.5 Weeks along

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well.. so far the third trimester is just like the first two.

Im still feeling awesome. Theres a little back pain every now and then but nothing too too bad. Im not crying about it at least. I had my 28 week appointment yesterday and it was one of my favorites. I met with the 4th of the Doctors that MAY or MAY not deliver Jack. He was my absolute favorite. I felt like he was a real person and cared, not just there cause he has to be but cause he wants to.. if that makes sense. All the same, I told him he's hired and I really hope he's on call the night I go into labor.. or day- whichever. My blood pressure was normal.. not that I remember the numbers but normal all the same. Im now 160 lbs (EEEEEEEK) but it only puts me up +14 lbs total. Which seems to be right on track weight wise. I dont really feel big so its ok. Apparently Jack is head down already. Which makes me think of that "Head On" commercial from a few years ago. Except it makes me want to change it to say, "Head down. Apply directly to the birth canal!" :)

28.5weeks copy

I leave for WPPI in Las Vegas on Sunday and I couldnt be more excited. I AM a bit nervous about all the walking and how my joints are going to handle it. Hopefully Ill be ok and there wont be any hurting.. or aching.. well hopefully not TOO much. Its going to be awesome and I cant wait to see some of the people I met last year and met a TON of new folks this year. I only wish we knew where we were moving so I could start networking with folks where Ill be living soonish. Oh well. Less than a week away now :) CANT WAIT!


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