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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Over the next few months this blog is going to take a turn for the small and cute. That's right The Rocket Gnome and I are going to have a baby. I know its quite odd to think that somehow we created life. We have come so far since that March in 2006. My whole entire life is different than I thought it would be. Different in a good way but its just so weird how quickly and slowly life changes all at the same time. Today I am 12 weeks and I am so happy to have made it this far. I really did not want to have to deal with anything going wrong if he wasnt home. So, so far were A-OK! I am quite excited to begin this new chapter in our lives. Ive wanted a baby ever since I could remember. In highschool it was the only thing I ever aspired to be. Which was hard to tell people.. so I said something like teacher instead, because that makes sense to more people. Of course I had to wait to find the right guy, someone that would be a good dad and there for me. That was super important to me as my mom did it alone. I know what she went through to raise me by herself, and it didnt appear easy. So yay for supportive baby daddys! He seems excited about being a dad. About as excited as you can be not being able to see me in person and hes not going to be able to see me until Im a good 7 months in to this mess. We were trying for a little one. It was time we made the next step. Its a HUGE step too. There is so much to growing a new person. So much to learn about what to eat and what not to eat and what works and what doesnt and thats all before we even get to meet the little babytron! Then you have to worry about what to register for and what sort of diapers to buy and what creams and what isnt going to kill the baby. Its stressful. So far, im making it through with a good head on my shoulders and I already know most of what I want to register for.

I havent had any morning sickness so I bet if we werent trying I wouldnt have known for a while but instead we found out at 4 weeks! SO EARLY! Its so early to tell people too so it was quite hard keeping it in for so long. Last week we finally caved and told the internet. It was so good to be able to talk about it openly to everyone.  Im just glad everyone knows now. I wanted to tell with a photo and it turns out the military only gives you ONE ULTRASOUND! Im not going to lie, I was a bit upset when I heard this. But I still went to my appointment anyway luckily and unluckily they couldnt find a heartbeat. Which is hard to depict at 10 weeks anyway its better at 12 so why they schedule you to come in at 10 is beyond me. Anyway, I was upset and nervous about it and the lady doctor scheduled me for one. Which im sure happens all the time. I was able to make it in the following day without any waiting. She did a transvaginal which I didnt expect and the second it was in there I was 2 tiny little feet moving all around. I think if it had been bigger all the kicking might have hurt but luckily its still small. It was crazy seeing it move so much. It moved the entire time, I guess it might have been the sugary breakfast I had. Yum Toaster Strudels! My next appointment is at 14 weeks and Im super excited for it although I have no idea whats going to happen then.. Here is our baby's second photo. Second photo you say, yes one of my best friends is an ultrasound tech and took some photos at 4 weeks which is pretty much a tiny blob but.. she took them all the same.

were gunna pop!

So Im excited to start sewing baby things, soon it will happen!


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