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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi all! 

As most of you know I am a photographer. Right now theres an AWESOME giveaway going on over at Reverie. Go and enter it! It lasts until the 21st. How sweet is that? With new giveaways every day.


Jack is 8 months old

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today. He just keeps growing. Not that you can tell he is still being swallowed up by 6 month olds everywhere. Oh well. He's cute even if he is small.

We arrived in WA a few days into Jacks 7th month and I just realized I havent blogged about anything. Jack is mobile. 

He does a cute army crawl to get to places now. Its adorable.. unless he's trying to get to the Christmas tree.
He knows how to blow raspberries
Breastfeeding is still going swell.
He likes pretty much anything we put in his mouth. 
Apples. Banana. Avocado. Peas. Green Beans. Yams. Water. Paper. Broccoli
Were going the BLW route and it seems to be pretty great. He can feed himself pretty well now and he's only 8 months old. Nice.. since im all lazy.
With that means the poop is changing. Great. Its not so bad. Daddy doesnt like it though.
He has his first tooth! We knew it was coming but it took a while to pop through. Nothing about breastfeeding has changed except it hurts a bit more when he chomps down.
He doesnt like toys all too much. But he LOVES cords, tags, keyboards, Christmas lights, paper and glass. Everything hes not supposed to have. He likes to suck on the bottom of glasses at restaurants and now its hard to sip at all cause he immediately goes after it. He wants everything which is ok. He's learning.
He has started to make this strange sound from his mouth. I think its his mouth learning how to talk because it sounds like it. But who knows. Im ok with him taking his time to grow up. Hes already too big.

Oh and he TOTALLY slept for 7 hours last night.. either that or he cried for a LONG time before I heard him.

Overall, Jack is amazing. I love him every day more and more. (how cheesy does that sound) Its true though.



and here are are a few of my favorite photos from the last few months.


Wordless Wednesday | mmmerica!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We got to spend some time with the mighty F-15E Strike Eagle last week. It is sort of a bitter sweet month for us because soon Neil wont be flying every day and in the end he actually did like his job. I know he will miss it but I sure wont! I am so excited to move so I get to spend some more time with him. It surprises me at how many people ARE NOT having marital issues in the fighter community. It is hard work when your spouse is never home. Anyway, I was the official "jet photographer" a few weeks ago so we got to put the kiddos in the cockpit and take some fun shots most people will never get to. :)



the next day was 9/11/11

and a week later Neil had his last flight for at least three years.


PayPal PayDay!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome to another round of PayPal PayDay. This event will end at Midnight EST on 10/31

As always, there are NO mandatory entries.



Jack: Six Months Old!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did you know that I am a mom to a six month old? How on earth did that happen? Wasnt it just yesterday I was 10 weeks pregnant. Oh wait.. that was a YEAR AGO! Golly. Jack really is such an incredible little guy. You always hear about moms being able to tell exactly what their babies want by their cry and its totally true. I mean.. there is only 5 things they might want so its pretty good odds.


Over the last month Jack has:

  • become a crazy flipper. We now have to REALLLY watch him on elevated surfaces. Because he'll just roll off the bed if we let him. He was just only turning over on his right side. And he would flip to his front if you put him on his back and flip to his back if you put him on his front.
  • he has become a tummy sleeper
  • he has become the master of the push up
  • he has taken a liking to his left hand. He flaps it like he's trying to fly all while the right hand is just hanging out. Its super cute unless youre trying to feed him then he flails that hand more than normal.
  • still boobin it!
  • we HAVE started him on a little solids. we started putting some cereal in his bottles when Ive got to leave and he's got the pumped milk with his daddy. Also within the last two weeks we have tried banana, apples and avocados. He wasnt 100% a fan of the banana, the avocado is growing on him and he L O V E S the apple. I think he likes the apple because he can actually grab it and hold it to his mouth. Mainly he just sucks all the juice out.. but he's content all the same. Next up MANGO!
  • Here's a little snippet of him eating his apple the other night!

  • If he could dine on my hair only; he would be a happy baby. Somehow he will find it, its ridiculous! He finds it instantly and even when I thought it was completely out of his way.
  • his drooling has increased a LOT. were going to try one of those amber necklaces and see how that helps out.
  • he has always been a happy baby but now he smiles alllll the time. I like it, especially when I am sad and his little smile just gets me all happy again.
  • sitting up.. isnt happening yet although the other night when we were skyping with daddy he sat up all by himself for a good thirty seconds.. until he fell into the printer. Dad thinks im abusing him while hes gone.. he has just become a little more active since he left thats all.
  • he ALMOST has his feet to his mouth. I think it will happen any day now.
  • he has outgrown his infant tub(i think he did that at 5 months, oh well) so he is now a sink superstar! He seems to like it alright. I dont think really anything bothers him all too much.
His next peditrician appointment is today in a few hours. I am kinda excited to see his new stats because he has grown a LOT since his last appointment.


Christmas Cards

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have found an awesome Christmas cards site for our family photos this year! The site is called Minted and I love them. I found our perfect Christmas Card in a matter of minutes of looking. It is perfect for our family. Naturally, when I find something cool I want you to know about it too so. Boom. I present to you: 

They have more than just Christmas cards if that isnt your thing. I thought it was neat that they had Halloween and Thanksgiving cards as well. Minted also has SUPER cute calendars(which Ill be making for my husband when he deploys.) I know youre thinking.. great another card site. But these folks are SO much better than tiny prints or shutterfly. They have amazing design! Anyway, go and see them cause they are awesome.



Jack: Four AND Five Months old!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wow. The past few months have been CRAZY! We have been told where were moving. We have flown out to Washington. Found a house and were now in the process of buying it! Gosh! Jack is getting more cute every day. I love that little kiddo. I just realized I missed his 4 month update AND his 5 month update.. well, this is whats going on in the life of baby Jack:


  • He can roll over. More on his right side than his left. 
  • His little arms and neck are strong enough for some good head raising on his tummy.
  • He still sounds like a dinosaur, a cute one though.
  • We have slipped him some rice cereal and put it in his bottles. Nothing has really changed except for his farts. They are TERRIBLE!
  • He smiles most all the time, not just in the mornings.
  • For the most part he goes to bed at 8:30
  • Hes still not sleeping through the night.
  • He still likes my boobies.
  • He's almost out of 3/6 month clothes and it makes me sad. 


Mother in Law craftyness!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My mother in law was lucky enough to spend a few months with us right after Jack was born.






Pinned up! {bridesmaids}

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ok this may be cheating and since we have been so busy cleaning up and readying the house to see Ive had no time for craftiness this week. Soooooo here is this weeks pin of the week. When I saw the original photo I knew I loved it and I wanted to try it with my next wedding! I like the result. What do you think?

The original


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Wordless Wednesday | Two Month Favorites

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I havent uploaded a lot of photos of Jack to my blog. This is mainly due to them all being online on facebook. I am doing a 365 project with the little man and its going well ... some days better than others but good all the same. Here are a few of my favorites from last month. If youre interested in the whole set they can be found here: three six(ty) five!

20110616-DSC_7871 copy






Missing Momma

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It has been nine years since I last talked or saw or hugged my mom. I miss her a lot. I had just entered 10th grade and I was so young. My life has changed so much since then. Its taken me places I would have never imagined. North Carolina for one I never really imagined living. I also never anticipated living in Washington(or ever even wanting to for that matter.) Life without her is hard. Its hard at weddings when I see the brides with their moms and the grooms dancing with their moms. I see all the love they share and I know I'm not going to have that ever again. Sure, I know there are a lot of people that care and love me but its just not the same. Not the same at all. I sure do wish she was still here. I wish Jack could have met her. She would have loved him... I mean really though; who doesnt? It would just be nice to give her a call and talk to her about life. Because life is hard and its always changing. Most people have that in their lives because everyone for the most part has a mom...and its hard when you dont have it. I wish I could talk to her about Jack and ask her questions about my own childhood that I dont know the answer to. I wish I could tell her how much I see of her in Jack. He looks a LOT like my side of the family as much as he looks like Neils. Which is so weird how that is. Anyway, ill stop having a pity party now.

So, do me a favor and call your mom today and tell her how much you love her. Because I know she wants to hear it.


Pinned Up! {footprints}

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, I have a new love that isnt a little boy named Jack. Its name is Pinterest. Its awesome. I love it. It has so much eye candy its ridiculous. Makes me excited to get into the new house already so I can start doing things to it! So I think I'm going to ACTUALLY start doing things from the site. Thats what its there for right? Ill start with one thing that has stuck out.

Since little Jack is still a baby I could totally do this! So about a month ago I bought the canvas. I got a HUGE canvas too. Like 24x30 or something. My plan is to have three babies and I think it would be neat to have them all on there. So I bought it with room to grow. I finally got around to painting it grey. Which I notice the original also painted it grey. I picked grey so it would match more things. Anyway, today was the day to try and I think it went pretty well. Here is our take:
ill only show you a little of the canvas.. cause it big. He got a little excited on the right foot.. and I wish we could redo it but whatevs. I guess it adds character. Oh and he D O E S have 5 toes on each foot though it doesnt look it.

See, here's my proof!

We tried his hands too
that there is his baby book. He wasnt having his hands outstretched. Oh well. His feet were lame too. It happens eh?

Funny I chose a blue that was the same color as his diaper for the day.

Anyway, Im excited to see it get better and better..and by better I mean more and more feet!

 If you would like an invitation send me an email at and let me know you need one!
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Wordless Wednesday | What Chu' Talkin Bout MA?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love his face.


Jack: A Birth Story

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yes, it HAS taken me three + months to tell you the story of Jack's birth. Its been interesting getting used to having a baby around. Then we were out of town a lot and I feel like I am just getting settled into life with a baby and a husband that works a lot.

A lot of you have been curious about Jack's birth and why I went a month early and what happened to him in the hospital that caused him to be in the nursery for the first 4 days of his life.

April 11
6:15 am

I woke up and the bed was super wet. My underwear were wet and it was weird. I asked Neil if there was any hanky panky I didnt remember about (yes probably tmi) and he said no. This was at 6am. I didnt think my water had broken because it didnt hurt anywhere. So I figured Id call my OB when their office opened.

9:00 am
I called my ob and the nurse said to put on a pad( which I had already done) and call back in the afternoon and tell her how many Ive changed. Which is a really strange thought and they probably should have just had me come in anyway to check

Day goes by and I run my errands and get things done. Showered. Oh and sleep. I slept a lot.

3:00 pm
I called back to tell the nurse I had changed at least 6 pads in the course of the day! And of course she told me to come in. I get there and sit on the table and water is just dripping from me. It was a little embarassing because when you pee. You can at least keep it in for a while but this was just a steady drip ALL DAY! Anyway, the doctor comes in and looks at me. Before he even does anything down there he says "well I can tell you now just by looking at you, your waters broken" Again, duh. So off to the hospital I go.

5:00 pm
I got all checked in and a few of my pregnant friends joined me since Neil was flying still. It was super nice to have them join me and hang out. Nice to not be alone. Thank you ladies. I really do appreciate it. We heard a lady giving birth and boy did it not sound pleasant. Poor mom. Nothing was happening except an IV (which I REALLLLLLLY didnt want that early.)

Neil is off of work, the ladies go back home. Still nothing.

The doctors put a tic tac sized pill in my vagina in order to make my uterus thinner. At that point I was only 1 cm and 25% effaced. Tiny contractions have started and I have to pee. A lot. I think I got up about 5 times. I'm sure my nurse at that point hated me. The contractions made my fetal monitors move so she kept on having to come back in to check on me and tell me not to move. Not moving was really hard. I know labor was supposed to be hard and all but I just didnt like the fact that I wasnt supposed to move. I really like the idea of a home birth and at that point I was thinking how nice it would have been,

Neil gets back into the room and the fun really starts.

Neil took that one when I was sleeping a bit..

12:ish am
Im along enough they dont have to give me anymore cytotec but they give me a cocktail of pain meds that for the most part knock me out. 

2:30 am
Another dose of the pain meds but im still not advancing like I should be so they give me pitocin. Which I really didnt want. I didnt want to have a "false labor" I knew pitocin made things 100% worse. But whatevs, its over now. Then the contractions R E A L L Y started to hurt. Like bad. So bad it really made me want the epidural and I was REALLY going to try and not have it. But I couldnt stand the pain. Luckily the pain meds helped me sleep a bit and in between the contractions I could get some rest.

They stopped the pitocin because I was around 3/4 cm along.. I forget.

They hooked up another bag of fluid and I had to go another 30 minutes without the epidural. I only mention that because it seriously broke my heart. I couldnt imagine A N O T H E R thirty minutes going by with the pain. Poor Neil. 
Somewhere in that time there was an emergency C section keeping the doctor away.

FINALLY they gave me the epidural. My goodness it seemed to take forever to get it too. I was 6cm by the time they gave it to me. Almost too late because of that Csection. Thats when the butt pain started. I had heard that labor feels like a huge poop but you dont know what a huge poop feels like until you do it. The epidural definitely helped with the pain but it was still there. Very uncomfortable indeed.

10:00 am
I started pushing. Ten or so minutes into pushing my friend and awesome photographer Autumn walks in and I introduce her to my vagina. "HI AUTUMN! This is my vagina!" A few minutes later the doctor comes in to check on me and tells me I am ready to have this baby but he has to deliver another baby first and I had to hold it 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES. He's joking... I wish. So I continue pushing. And pushing. My butt it really starting to hurt at this point. At one time I was wondering which hole the kid was coming out of! Neil was a trooper and decided to take a gander at the below parts and he said he was glad he did. At some point the doctor AND the nurse left the room and it was just Neil, Autumn and I in the room. So Neil got down there and was cheering me on, something I definitely did NOT expect. It was weird. I knew exactly when I needed to push and when I didnt. I think the epidural guy did a great job. Not too much, not too little. Though, I still think if I hadnt been given pitocin I would have been able to do it all natural. Oh well, maybe next time.The doctor comes back in and tells me I am REALLY ready to have the baby but I needed to wait a few more minutes. At this point, the baby is crowning and already there. So the nurse tells me to "blow out candles" to keep him from coming out. The doctor comes back in and is gloving himself up and I am pushing like there is no tomorrow. I am trying so hard to get that baby out and no jokes. The doctor finishes putting on his second glove and Jack falls out of my vagina. Into the doctors arms of course but still... lucky timing on his part.

10:55 am
Jack Romeo
April 12
21 inches


The nurses take the kiddo to the side and weigh him and get him cleaned up. During that time the doctor actually does some work and takes out the placenta. Ugh. That was hard too. He had some real issues with it and at one point mentioned forceps. It looked like a roast. Gross. I didnt tear that much but just a little and he sewed me back up. I could feel it and he gave me another shot of numbing ness in my nether regions and then I couldnt feel my feet again. Its an odd feeling not being able to feel your legs.


Jacks body temperature had dropped a lot because of all of the white stuff all over him.. I forget what its called. Well, its wet and slimey and doesnt keep babies warm. So the nursery took him and bathed him. Then, 2 ish hours later ( way too long if you ask me) he was brought to us and left. He was starting to cry a little so we decided to try and feed him again. Oh yeah, we fed him right after he was popped out and he did an awesome job on the boob. Go him! Well, during that time I noticed that he was a little blue. The nurses said that was normal and not to worry about it because he's just getting used to being out of a belly. Anyway, we feed him this second time and I notice that he's turning purple. I had already buzzed the nurses though. Neil said, "oh he's fine, they said it was normal" and then he looked at him and started freaking out! Because Jack WAS purple. He was still sucking (which was weird) but purple all the same. The nurse came in and patted him very hard on the back and took him to the nursery. There he stayed for the next 3 days. Gosh. How annoying. So, I started pumping since they were giving him fluid in the IV and wasnt that hungry because of it. He turned purple because sometimes babies dont know how to breath and eat at the same time especially when they are preemies. And my boobs were huge. So, my boobs tried to suffocate him in the end.

Overall I couldnt have asked for a better labor. There werent really any complications. I only pushed for 55 minutes. And I ended up with a cute little bundle of awesomeness.. 
I'd do it again.

All but that one photo that Neil took were taken by my good friend Autumn of Reminiscing Moments! You can see her post about it here. CLICK!


Jack: Three Months Old

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jack is full of smiles.

  • He is fitting quite nicely into all of his cloth diapers
  • His favorite time of the day is between 8am-noon. He is super happy then. I like it. Makes it worth not being able to go back to sleep.
  • He is sleeping in his crib in his own room and he likes it. We do too.
  • We dont know how big he is but he sure has grown!
  • He loves just laying on a quilt in the middle of the room staring at the ceiling fan.
  • Still not using pacifiers much, he doesnt like them. But he does enjoy my boobs. He uses them as pacifiers.. which can be sort of annoying at times.
  • He can hold his head up when youre holding him and has been able to for a few weeks now. Such a strong little guy.
  • He doesnt like to be awake and in the backseat by himself in the car.. which is great when Neil is driving.. not so much when its just me and him.
  • He's already been on a plane and he's been to Florida three separate times! He was an awesome baby on the plane. All the folks at Southwest helped out a super ton!
  • Its official the blue eyes are gone. They are now greennnnnishhazel. Hoping they stay that way!
If you want to see his three month photos Autumn took the other day go here! They are awesome!


    Grey Skies + Sunshine Quilt!

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Its finished!!! Jack's baby quilt is quilted, bound and being put to good use!


    The backing is 3 pillow cases by Alexander Girard I got from a thrift store in Birmingham last May. They retail for like $40 for 2 (RIDICULOUS!) and I got them for like 7 and I still have a ton left over.. since I bought all they had since I didnt have plans for it at the time. The binding is the back of the pillow cases and its like my favorite fabric ever. Just my style.


    I used Made- By- Rae storytime square quilt pattern. I really liked it and i think it would be super easy with a charm pack. I still have some Nicey Jane charm packs I need to use..perhaps it will be a future project



    Ive been wanting to do a yellow + grey quilt for a while. But... I didnt want to give it away. I got pregnant and voila! BAM! I could keep it and it was gender neutral so it would be for my girl or my boy.


    Im just glad its done! Wootie Woot!


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