Jack: Six Months Old!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did you know that I am a mom to a six month old? How on earth did that happen? Wasnt it just yesterday I was 10 weeks pregnant. Oh wait.. that was a YEAR AGO! Golly. Jack really is such an incredible little guy. You always hear about moms being able to tell exactly what their babies want by their cry and its totally true. I mean.. there is only 5 things they might want so its pretty good odds.


Over the last month Jack has:

  • become a crazy flipper. We now have to REALLLY watch him on elevated surfaces. Because he'll just roll off the bed if we let him. He was just only turning over on his right side. And he would flip to his front if you put him on his back and flip to his back if you put him on his front.
  • he has become a tummy sleeper
  • he has become the master of the push up
  • he has taken a liking to his left hand. He flaps it like he's trying to fly all while the right hand is just hanging out. Its super cute unless youre trying to feed him then he flails that hand more than normal.
  • still boobin it!
  • we HAVE started him on a little solids. we started putting some cereal in his bottles when Ive got to leave and he's got the pumped milk with his daddy. Also within the last two weeks we have tried banana, apples and avocados. He wasnt 100% a fan of the banana, the avocado is growing on him and he L O V E S the apple. I think he likes the apple because he can actually grab it and hold it to his mouth. Mainly he just sucks all the juice out.. but he's content all the same. Next up MANGO!
  • Here's a little snippet of him eating his apple the other night!

  • If he could dine on my hair only; he would be a happy baby. Somehow he will find it, its ridiculous! He finds it instantly and even when I thought it was completely out of his way.
  • his drooling has increased a LOT. were going to try one of those amber necklaces and see how that helps out.
  • he has always been a happy baby but now he smiles alllll the time. I like it, especially when I am sad and his little smile just gets me all happy again.
  • sitting up.. isnt happening yet although the other night when we were skyping with daddy he sat up all by himself for a good thirty seconds.. until he fell into the printer. Dad thinks im abusing him while hes gone.. he has just become a little more active since he left thats all.
  • he ALMOST has his feet to his mouth. I think it will happen any day now.
  • he has outgrown his infant tub(i think he did that at 5 months, oh well) so he is now a sink superstar! He seems to like it alright. I dont think really anything bothers him all too much.
His next peditrician appointment is today in a few hours. I am kinda excited to see his new stats because he has grown a LOT since his last appointment.


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