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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

for giveaways! There are a ton for photographers right now! Id really like to win one of them! This one has a lot of neat non 'photog' stuff too.

Check out my most recent find over at: Laura Winslow Photos!

Here's another fun one to enter from Paint the Moon Actions


Ive got a penis growing in me!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello from Nashville, TN and from week 16! If you haven't heard the news as of yet you may be living under a rock. Neil and I are going to be having a little boy join the family in May. CRAZY! A boy. I knew I was having a boy but its still weird to think about. As I imagined my life.. my whole life not just in the past few months. I never imagined having a boy. It just wasnt something Id ever thought about. In my dreams and thoughts about being a mom it was always a girl. I think I get a bad opinion of boys because of my ex- step brother. He was terrible and treated my mom like crap. Maybe it was the 'step mom' part of it but I think he was just a rotten child. Never made me want then.. plus now I cant pass along all my 'girl' toys ive saved up and they have to wait a few years. Oh well, all this writing makes it sound like im sad, and im not at all im quite happy to know what I am having and Im even more excited to get him here already. The quicker the baby comes the quicker Neil comes home too! Im in Nashville because one of my very best friends lives here and she happens to be an ultrasound technician. If not for her I would have had to have waited until I was around 20 weeks to find out the sex. So my Thanksgiving plans to Kentucky worked out awesomely. Leslie did my U/S the day I got into town because Neil could be on skype for longer. Baby boy was sure not wanting to show us his parts. It took about an hour of trying before wegave up a little and told Neil to call us again in an hour. In the meantime I ate sugar and moved around as much as possible so he would also move and stop showing us his spine. Its a lovely spine might I add. ;) Here are some of the best shots my friend got of the little guy.

17.14.55 hrs __[0059479]
he was giving us a cute yawn here
17.14.10 hrs __[0059478]
babies look extremely alien at this stage in life. 
17.12.20 hrs __[0059475]
look at those lips! AND that nose!
15.55.11 hrs __[0059463]
we got a lot of this
15.51.29 hrs __[0059459]
heart rate was around 130 BPMs which makes him a boy according to some old wives tales.
im growing a penis.
and the money shot!
This shot was taken after Neil had called us back he was all about giving up the goods then.
Leslie took this quick video of the baby hiccuping! look at that heart!

so yay! Thank you aunt Leslie!


Signs by Andrea Giveaway!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A while back I saw a sign in someones house and it had their last name and the year they were married. I instantly fell in love with it and I have been looking for something like it for some time now. Well I found it and they are having a giveaway. PLUS! Right now they are running a 2 for 1 special. So BAM! Theres a Christmas present out of the way right now!

So go and check them out!!


fourteen and a dream

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I had my first baby dream and it was horrible. I dreamt that Neil was still gone and the baby came early. Before ALL my baby showers, before I was ready, before we had things. But there were no complications which was good. The baby was sized full term but was born in February and not May. I got the baby home and completely freaked out. No one was there to help, I didn't have much in the way of supplies, except my boobs. Pretty much what I already have is what I had. So, 4 diapers, some blankets, a crib, a dresser and some baby legs. That's not going to get you very far. I did however see the baby was taken out of the hospital with a blue diaper on. Which doesn't' help me out in my wanting a girl. I wont be too sad if our little one is a boy, I just be a little sad. Ive been a little depressed. Im worried about the baby. Nervous and excited for my appointment tomorrow. Hoping for good things. If all is well tomorrow in a few weeks we should know if Baby Embry is in fact a she or a he. My friend Leslie is going to be the one to spill the beans and i'm super excited about it. This morning I took another belly shot, Ive felt.. very much like not wanting to take photos of myself recently. I feel like if I would have take a photo a month ago I might be bigger than I am now, which still isn't that big but I have grown a little bit. No bump yet though. No cravings. No high belly or low belly. I dont want any food. It doesnt matter if its sweet or salty... well I think id be good with some potato chips and some powdered doughnuts but im trying to stay away from bad things so N O T H I N G sounds good. agh!

-3321 copy
dude, look at how long my hair got in 7 weeks!! CRAZY



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 13 is here! Hooray! Im out of the danger zone! Yay! I go in for my next appointment next week and im nervous. I dont understand why they dont see you more when your pregnancy is new. Im not too much of a worry wort but I know there are some people that are. Ive had a relatively awesome pregnancy so far. I dont know, I guess all im saying is that they should see you more. Especially in the crucial months. For instance, my last appointment was at 10 weeks. My next is at 14. There is a lot of room for sadness in there and I dont want to go to my next appointment only to find out the baby isnt well. I dont think that will be the case I just think its annoying.

Also this is random but I dont feel connected to the baby at all. I did feel connected but in the past few weeks its been hard. Perhaps its cause I dont feel pregnant, I just know it. I hear thats somewhat normal. Im just excited to start showing so I know Im pregnant and I feel it!

November was supposed to start my crafting for baby time. Im not 100% sure that it will happen. Ive had no time for crafting, although I did kinda clean off my sewing table. So thats a help. Ive been watching all of the Mad Men Seasons(I start season 3 tonight) and while Ive been doing that Ive been embroidering some baby bibs for the new arrival. One of them isnt finished yet, its going to say "mom" like the tattoos. :) There are a lot of patterns I want to do but a lot of them are girly so im going to wait. 


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