Ive got a penis growing in me!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello from Nashville, TN and from week 16! If you haven't heard the news as of yet you may be living under a rock. Neil and I are going to be having a little boy join the family in May. CRAZY! A boy. I knew I was having a boy but its still weird to think about. As I imagined my life.. my whole life not just in the past few months. I never imagined having a boy. It just wasnt something Id ever thought about. In my dreams and thoughts about being a mom it was always a girl. I think I get a bad opinion of boys because of my ex- step brother. He was terrible and treated my mom like crap. Maybe it was the 'step mom' part of it but I think he was just a rotten child. Never made me want then.. plus now I cant pass along all my 'girl' toys ive saved up and they have to wait a few years. Oh well, all this writing makes it sound like im sad, and im not at all im quite happy to know what I am having and Im even more excited to get him here already. The quicker the baby comes the quicker Neil comes home too! Im in Nashville because one of my very best friends lives here and she happens to be an ultrasound technician. If not for her I would have had to have waited until I was around 20 weeks to find out the sex. So my Thanksgiving plans to Kentucky worked out awesomely. Leslie did my U/S the day I got into town because Neil could be on skype for longer. Baby boy was sure not wanting to show us his parts. It took about an hour of trying before wegave up a little and told Neil to call us again in an hour. In the meantime I ate sugar and moved around as much as possible so he would also move and stop showing us his spine. Its a lovely spine might I add. ;) Here are some of the best shots my friend got of the little guy.

17.14.55 hrs __[0059479]
he was giving us a cute yawn here
17.14.10 hrs __[0059478]
babies look extremely alien at this stage in life. 
17.12.20 hrs __[0059475]
look at those lips! AND that nose!
15.55.11 hrs __[0059463]
we got a lot of this
15.51.29 hrs __[0059459]
heart rate was around 130 BPMs which makes him a boy according to some old wives tales.
im growing a penis.
and the money shot!
This shot was taken after Neil had called us back he was all about giving up the goods then.
Leslie took this quick video of the baby hiccuping! look at that heart!

so yay! Thank you aunt Leslie!


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