Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 13 is here! Hooray! Im out of the danger zone! Yay! I go in for my next appointment next week and im nervous. I dont understand why they dont see you more when your pregnancy is new. Im not too much of a worry wort but I know there are some people that are. Ive had a relatively awesome pregnancy so far. I dont know, I guess all im saying is that they should see you more. Especially in the crucial months. For instance, my last appointment was at 10 weeks. My next is at 14. There is a lot of room for sadness in there and I dont want to go to my next appointment only to find out the baby isnt well. I dont think that will be the case I just think its annoying.

Also this is random but I dont feel connected to the baby at all. I did feel connected but in the past few weeks its been hard. Perhaps its cause I dont feel pregnant, I just know it. I hear thats somewhat normal. Im just excited to start showing so I know Im pregnant and I feel it!

November was supposed to start my crafting for baby time. Im not 100% sure that it will happen. Ive had no time for crafting, although I did kinda clean off my sewing table. So thats a help. Ive been watching all of the Mad Men Seasons(I start season 3 tonight) and while Ive been doing that Ive been embroidering some baby bibs for the new arrival. One of them isnt finished yet, its going to say "mom" like the tattoos. :) There are a lot of patterns I want to do but a lot of them are girly so im going to wait. 


Dalis November 9, 2010 at 11:58 AM  

Oh my goodness, I 100% agree with you on the waiting to see the doctor part. My next appt is Monday and I've been sort of nervous during the in between time. They should see you more often when it's so new and you want to hear the heartbeat and be reassured that things are ok! I totally, completely get what you're going through!!!

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