Jack: Nine Months

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Someone asked me recently about my blog that I used to blog my things I made on... and I replied "I still do I just havent made anything really since I made Jack". So, in ways the blog hasnt changed. :)

My little boy is 9 months old.

  • He is 17.5 lbs.
  • He sits up with no help (though he does like to fall on his head a lot)
  • He's had his first experiences with heat. Poor little guy decided it would be a great idea to hold his hand on the hot fireplace glass. He had 2 blisters on his fingers and cried for an hour. I felt so bad. He didnt learn from the situation either. He still loves the fireplace which doesnt come on when he's awake anymore.
  • Tooth #2 is here! Its not as sharp as the first one but his mouth has become quite powerful
  • He is WAY more happy now. Smiles a lot more and giggles. 
  • He likes to be chased by daddy
  • He likes The Office theme song. Kid lights up when it comes on
  • Likes to play in the dog water. He hasnt even noticed the food yet.. I hope it never happens.
  • One of his favorite toys is the step ladder. He just likes to stand. For a while he had issues with the dismount of the stand(which was why he left his hand on the fire we think) but now he's got it down.
  • He loves Earths Best teething biscuits and they get ALL over his cute, adorable face.
  • He's upgraded to the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom one. The ones in our new house are just too tiny compared to the old ones.
  • He likes to bend down and eat the bubbles in the bath, and suck on the washcloth and splashing! I cant forget the splashing.
  • He loves drinking water from a glass. Which makes drinking quite hard.
  • He loves to eat anything we are eating and is sure to let us know
  • He doesnt like snow. At all
  • He is indifferent about park swings. Some days he's down, others not so much
  • He moved up to 6-9 size clothes. I am quite sad to see the 3-6 months go.
  • Still boobin it and still clothin it - the teeth and the poop arent that bad. Neil and I think his poop now is better than it was when he was exclusively breastfed.
Prepare for a photo overload!


and some of my favorite Iphone photos from over the last month

My first and Jack's first

Christmas morning!

Playing in bags at ikea

His face is priceless. Wish Id caught it with my dslr

Its seriously inpossible to get a photo of him grabbing his feet like this. Its probably the only one Ive managed to get.

Jack has a new friend and his name is Jaxson


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