Deal Pulp has a fun deal today!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today Deal Pulp has something I think is super neat. They are magnetic blocks and I think my little Jackster is going to love them once he is old enough to play with them. I totally got one and I want the one of the colored blocks. Check them out at And for the deal click under the photo!



Jack: One Month Old

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jack is a month old! Well, technically today he's one month and one day old but.. who's counting. Last weekend I got to celebrate my first mothers day as a mama. Its crazy still that one day little Jack is going to call me Mama. He's probably going to call me lots of other things in his life too but Ill only focus on the positive for now. ;) I decided to end my journey with little Jack. I think this series turned out pretty darned well. Its pretty neat to see the progression.


As my first month as a mom I learned...
  •  The Iphone app Total Baby is the best invention ever. 
  • Babies grow. Quickly too! I took him to get weighed today and he weighed in at an awesome 7lb 2 oz. WHOA baby! Slow down.
  • Growth Spurts arent fun when babies arent exactly on the boob full time.
  • They are much better without nipple shields
  • Breastfeeding without the nipple shield is much better then with it, man i hate that thing.
  • Jack has the cutest pout ever.
  • Im not a fan of disposables. Weve moved on to cloth (finally!)
  • Cloth is pretty good so far.
  • Jack likes baths.
  • His eyes are still slate blue and they are beautiful. Im hoping they wont change even though I know they will.
  • His hair is turning a bit more gingery every day.
  • Im sad he's not 5 lbs anymore. I want to keep him small.
  • His startle reflex is super cute.. and he gets startled by everything!
  • His pout is seriously THE CUTEST THING EVER
  • Ive learned how to eat with my left hand.
  • How to surf the net on my phone while pumping.
  • It drives me crazy when LJ spits up. Not because I have a mess to clean up but ... because he's wasting that precious milk I pumped out for him!

20110512-DSC_3323 copy


Jack: Week Three

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This week has been an interesting one.
tiny baby

  • We had our first solo shopping trip- we ALMOST made it through the whole trip without him getting hungry.
  • I love target. Not for the awesomeness that IS target but that they have starbucks and starbucks has HOT water for these bottles.
  • He's like the cutest ever when you take the bottle out and he keeps sucking like its in there still.
  • When he's searching for my boob and flings his head left to right.. that comes in as a tie to him and the lack of bottle sucking
  • Still a big fan of this nipple shield but he can feed without it. He just continues to hate my right boobage.
  • GROWTH SPURT- kid is eating like he wont ever eat again! Which really caught us off guard.
  • Neil is a good dad but he can sleep through anything which isnt good when its HIS turn with the kiddo.
  • Preemie diapers hate us. Hopefully the cloth (once he fits into them) will be WAY better and leak less. Youd think being preemie and all there would be no leaking issues but no. BAH!
  • He smiles more than any 3 weeker I know.


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