Jack is 8 months old

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today. He just keeps growing. Not that you can tell he is still being swallowed up by 6 month olds everywhere. Oh well. He's cute even if he is small.

We arrived in WA a few days into Jacks 7th month and I just realized I havent blogged about anything. Jack is mobile. 

He does a cute army crawl to get to places now. Its adorable.. unless he's trying to get to the Christmas tree.
He knows how to blow raspberries
Breastfeeding is still going swell.
He likes pretty much anything we put in his mouth. 
Apples. Banana. Avocado. Peas. Green Beans. Yams. Water. Paper. Broccoli
Were going the BLW route and it seems to be pretty great. He can feed himself pretty well now and he's only 8 months old. Nice.. since im all lazy.
With that means the poop is changing. Great. Its not so bad. Daddy doesnt like it though.
He has his first tooth! We knew it was coming but it took a while to pop through. Nothing about breastfeeding has changed except it hurts a bit more when he chomps down.
He doesnt like toys all too much. But he LOVES cords, tags, keyboards, Christmas lights, paper and glass. Everything hes not supposed to have. He likes to suck on the bottom of glasses at restaurants and now its hard to sip at all cause he immediately goes after it. He wants everything which is ok. He's learning.
He has started to make this strange sound from his mouth. I think its his mouth learning how to talk because it sounds like it. But who knows. Im ok with him taking his time to grow up. Hes already too big.

Oh and he TOTALLY slept for 7 hours last night.. either that or he cried for a LONG time before I heard him.

Overall, Jack is amazing. I love him every day more and more. (how cheesy does that sound) Its true though.



and here are are a few of my favorite photos from the last few months.


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