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Thursday, February 10, 2011

This whole pregnancy thing is going by quite quickly. Next week ill start my third trimester! CRAZY! Its gone by so quickly! EEK! So excited to get that little man in my arms and feed him some boob! hah ;) Today I was feeling in the mood to shoot something fun and the sunset was pretty. Ive found that my new camera is TERRIBLE at the whole tripod/timer thing so most of my shots were hardly in focus. This was one of the better ones and im still not happy with it. And yes, I did intensify that sunset. It wasnt THAT pretty. But Im guessing for my selfies in the future Ill use my old camera. Cause.. it likes me better than my new one.
27.4weeks-3 copy
Next week we'll go back to the normal silhouettes. Deal?

  • 27.4 Weeks along. 
  • Jack is still a boy.
  • He is getting his move on in my belly. Typically I feel him crazy amounts in the morning, he waits until its almost time to get up though. He knows not to wake me up YET. He'll be doing enough of that soon.
  • No strange cravings though im still enjoying my Fruity Pebbles and Dr Pepper. Poor kid is def going to like sugar. 
  • How am I feeling? PERFECT! Every now and then at a photosession I get some aching on and my back hurts but I sleep/shower it off. Im glad it still goes away. Still doing that Lindy Hop when I feel like driving to Durham. Its getting harder and harder to drive out there. Its just soo incredibly far for me all by myself.
  • At my most recent ultrasound he was already 2 lbs! Which was 3 days ahead of schedule so he may come a bit early, or he'll be big.. either way, im scared.
  • At my last appt I had gained +8 lbs, so im not officially up +10 pounds. Not too bad for ALMOST being 7 months pregnant.
  • My every two week checkups start with my next appt and im not too too excited about going in THAT much.
  • Thinking about trying to labor without drugs. Im not sure im strong enough, but I AM thinking about it all the same. Im a HUGE wimp but at least I know that about myself.
  • While in Nashville we attended a dance and I was sitting on the ground for a few of the competitions they had. There had been music all night. Jack is used to loud, awesome Jazz from me going to dances so often. What he's not used to is clapping. I think he could feel the vibrations and every time there was a lot of clapping he was SUPER active and then the clapping would stop and so would he. Then it would start up again and so would be. It was weird and interesting. Hopefully he will get his rhythm and musicality from me and not his dad.

A few weekends ago I visited Nashville again. This time it was to celebrate my birthday. :) What better way to celebrate my birth than to get to see that alien growing inside me? Here are some of the best shots we got.
20.02.29 hrs __[0070907]
Its like he knew we were watching him.. I wonder what color his eyes will be
19.56.22 hrs __[0070899]
Apparently its quite rare to get a photo of a 4 Chamber heart in a baby this young. Aunt Leslie was super proud of this photo even though its not too too visible in the photo. Its exciting all the same.
19.50.37 hrs __[0070898]
He's got at least 5 toes, and apparently his daddies HUGE feet. Great.

And this is totally random a while back around when we got married there was a website going around where you put two faces together to see what youre kid will look like and .. obviously I saved what it came up with. It happens to be a boy so I figured Id post it and we'll see how right this website really was.

This little guy is cute isnt he? Jack has a lot to live up to.


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