2 quilts and a birdy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodness. At the beginning of this year I did not anticipate being as busy as I have been. I am blessed to have found something I'm good at. I think the best part is that other people agree! Its a little crazy. Anyway, because of that my whole 365 crafts in a year most likely wont happen. Especially if I keep making all these quilts for other people! Now that my sewing machine is fixed and beautiful again Ive been working a bit here and there at some super cute quilts.

This first quilt is obviously not done yet. Just the top. Im trying to decide if I want to add a grey sash around the edges to make it a little bigger. Its a bit smaller than I would like but hey, its for a baby its supposed to be tiny. What do you think? I think I need to start working on piecing in more straight lines so in the end the quilt will look more put together. I'm getting better but I think in the end I just need to be a more precise cutter and im not.
Also, said baby doesn't know if shes a boy or a girl so that's why its gender neutral. I'm not a fan of yellows and greens and stuff but I figured this works.

This next one was the quilt my machine broke on. :( Well its finally quilted and I think I might bind it tonight so its not quite finished yet. Also, I know this is a terrible photo but I waited until late to take a photo of it.


Today I was outside. Wow! Right there I should stop. It sure is hot out there. I miss being in Pensacola. That way on the humid days you can go to the beach but here.. there isnt much to get away from the humidity. Anyway, I was taking out the trash (Oh! That makes more sense) and I saw the cutest little birdy on a weed. Yes that thing its sitting in is a weed growing in my flower garden that desperately needs to be weeded. Oh well.  This little guy was awesome and oh so still. I shot all these with my 50mm, he let me get that close!



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