Jack: Week Two

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

20110425-DSC_1936 copy
What Ive learned this week:
  • I can do this!
  • Jack has T H E cutest cough ever. Like seriously.. its adorable.
  • I am THAT mom that opts for the photo of her son peeing on himself during a photo shoot rather than help him not get it in his mouth. Poor guy. Oh well. Its one of my favorites of him. Is that sad?
  • Cluster feeding is no fun.
  • The boobie shield is probably like the best thing ever. Its totally helping him latch which makes me a happy mama.
  • Dad is becoming an expert in the ways of swaddling.
  • I love the way dad looks at you.. and me for that matter.
  • I am still growing more in love with Neil as the days go on. Strange youre supposed to fall more in love with you baby as days go on. Im ok being in love with both of them. They are the absolute best things in the world and I seriously cannot imagine my life without either one of them.
  • I like Neil being at home, not at work.
  • Jack is the model Ive been waiting for. Ive done so much with him already and I cant wait for more. I sure hope he doesnt hate me.. or the camera when he's older.
  • His breastfeeding poops arent as bad as I anticipated they were going to be. Neil makes it to be a lot worse than it is though.
  • His little coos are the sweetest thing.

Also I finally got around to posting some more photos I have taken of him since he arrived. Go to my photography website to see them!


Rachel May 1, 2011 at 8:29 PM  

LOVE the photo (and the rest of the post but... the photo-WOW). Just amazing.

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