Jack: Two Months Old

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh Boy! My little boy is growing up so fast on his dad and I. Its nuts how big he is.. and to think women still pop babies out his size. I bow down to any of them that do and I am still thankful for my little 5 pounder. I sure do miss him being so tiny though.

20110612-DSC_7769 copy

Here are his stats from his 2 month appointment a few days ago:

Weight: 10 lbs. Solid.
Height: 21.5
and his head circumference is 37.

Which puts him in the 15% for weight 8% for height and 4 for head. Poor guy. Im glad he was early but I want to know that hes not so low. I know he isnt and its just because he was born a whole month early but still.. At this appointment he also got his shots and thank the lord Neil was able to take leave this week since the inlaws are in town and he was able to go with me. If theres one thing in life I dont like its needles and seeing them poke my little guy well I just didnt want to do that so Neil took that role. Surprisingly little Jack only squealed a tiny bit and then he was out. For like the rest of the day.

A few things Ive learned this past month:
  1. It is possible for a newborn to stay awake from 9am til 11pm. CRAZY! He STILL woke up at 4:30am to get his grub on.
  2. Breastfeeding is going awesome still. I am so very thankful he is a good feeder
  3. Jack isnt someone you really want to take on a road trip. Hes fine once you get there but once nightfall settles in he isnt a happy camper.
  4. Neil and Jack have a special "whooo" language. The other night they had a whole conversation "whoo'ing" at eachother. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  5. Jack is becoming WAY more responsive and awake. Its awesome.
  6. I dont want his eyes to change colors. But.. they are. I miss the blue already.
  7. He has a lot of family and non related family back from in Florida that love him. I already knew this but.. I think after having seen him with everyone its SUPER obvious.
  8. Jack likes to see everything. He really liked when I hold his back to me so he can see all 180 degress.
  9. His frowny face is still the cutest ever.
  10. He likes dances. He has been to two so fat and hasnt been too cranky at all.
  11. He DOES get really cranky around 4ish 5 and that time is no fun.


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