Jack: 10 months old

Monday, March 12, 2012

This last month was a fun one for Jack.


He is developing his personality and it is so crazy that I can see the changes each day.

He is a whopping 18 pounds according to the Wii Fit. I watched a 2 month old this week and now I think Jack is heavy. I shouldnt have done that because he was light a week ago.

Jack loves music. I shakes his little hand ( whichever is not holding on to something to keep him standing.) We first noticed him doing it to "The Office" at the beginning and end of each episode but not he does it to a LOT of things. He has even done it to Neil or myself singing. Its seriously the cutest thing ever.

Jack loves to climb the stairs. We let him a few times a day. He loves it.

He has nearly outgrown the kitchen sink baths. Which makes me sad. He is getting so big.

He has been getting up on his hands and feet and doing the "mogli" crawl more than I would like. I tell him to get back down on his knees and he usually does though I know he doesnt know what I am saying.

Still no words though he definitely says "mamamamamama" and "dada" but there's no relation to us just baby blabber.

He cut 2 teeth on the top. He sure can bite. He's trying to chew on anything that will let him.


fraukuech March 13, 2012 at 4:58 AM  

oh my word. your son is adorable!!!

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