Embroidering up a storm!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So, I really like embroidery. Its like crochet to me. I can do it anywhere and I dont have to think about it. Knitting you have to think about... and count. I can take my embroidery anywhere. I like that. Ive also been busy perfecting my stitches. Im far from close but Im getting the hang of it. I bought some plain white bibs to practice on along with some onesies! I love embroidered onesies! They are so cute! These bibs arent all for my baby.. the more boyish ones are for him, the rest will be gifts to people with little girls.
My favorite ones Ive done have been both birds. I just love them. I dont think the blue one is too girlish do you? Also I tried my hand at embroidering on a onesie which I heard through the grapevine takes some getting used to. I got my stabilizer to help out and it did but the cotton is so thin and I used such a think thread I broke the shirt fibers in a few spots. Im glad I started out with the owl first cause my other idea for the onesie is INTENSE and will take a lot. Ill go with a thinner thread and a thinner needle in hopes I dont mess it up.
Heres a close up of the owl design for the onesie. These are mostly all from Sublime Stitching
Oh.. whats that at the bottom of the owl you ask? Well.. im silly and didnt notice it and it went on with the pattern transfer. Hoping it comes out in the wash.. but if not, its going to my baby and I dont care!


Emily January 20, 2011 at 7:46 AM  

I'm loving your blog....these are AMAZING!!!! You are so talented!

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