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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have been slacking. Well in some things. Ive been getting the things Ive wanted to do done and leaving the things Im not AS excited about for later. Well, im finally somewhat caught up on me Bee blocks. Now that they are done they were actually quite fun and I dont know why I was dreading them so much. I supposed its because its not for the new baby. Oh well, Im still working on one more block to finish but theres a lot of sewing involved in that one so.. its going to take some time. Here's what Ive been working on!
I didnt have quite enough to finish 2 squares but I got you started
A close'r up of the wiseman
I really like this idea. She sent us all am embroidered piece to work into the quilt. 
Ive started making baby pants for little Jack!
They are reversible and are missing elastic but.. I haven't tackled it yet..It looks hard. These are both from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings.
This state fabric is one of my absolute favorites and Ive been waiting to find something perfect for it.

Ive started one of his baby quilts. Im only going to make two.. if I even have time for that second one. I love yellow and grey together!! Its so 70s and lovely. Perfect for a happy bouncing baby boy!
Obviously this is just some of the top but I don't think it will take me too  long to quilt at all and im hoping to work on it this week!

Also since its my 'off time ' photography wise Im going to be picking up newborns sessions here and there. This little cutie was my first of many im sure. I made her headband which.. wasnt meant to look like rabbit ears but it did work out for my first 'headband' type thing. Next time Ill put the leaves a bit further behind the flower.
christmas bunny

AND I got an ultrasound last week and here are a few updated shots for the baby book.
He is still a boy :)
He also looks less alien like now a days. These were taken at 18 weeks 4 days.


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