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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Perhaps I started out 2010 a little TOO adventurous. I ended up being a W H O L E lot busier than I had ever anticipated. Part of what some people do at the beginning of a new year is reflect on the year past. These are my resolutions from last year.

1) Not to drink soda pop again this year (last years old resolution) CHECK!
2) Cook at least 10 things a month Does Mac & Cheese count?
3) Read at least 5 books, rereading the Twilight saga doesn't cut it. :(  I think I read three..
4) Obviously the crafts, hopefully 365 in the end. I definitely crafted when I had time.. though not merely enough
5) Shoot 15 weddings, I have 5 booked now I just need to find 10 more. Any takers? CHECK-ish. I ended up with 14 weddings under my belt this year. It was a fantastic year!
6) Shoot a model once a month. I'm no good when it comes to models, mainly because I don't know strobes the way I want to. Because of that it makes me think I'm less of a photographer. I know that sounds silly but I'm going to try. Ive already got January's lined up for when I'm in Orlando later on in the month. I started out well but when my weddings for more frequent I had to hold off a bit.
7) Ill also try to clean more but im not having that be a resolution Yeah, not so much.. I did buy myself a DYSON for Christmas though..
8) get creative with my 52 weeks I started today. You should check it out in a few weeks. I have a few awesome ideas. Again, I got super swamped. No time for excess things.. plus I was feeling quite uninspired for a while there. 

Yeah.. so I did end up holding out on the whole soda thing. But I must admit.. I sincerely missed Dr. Pepper. He and I have been reacquainted and it has been a lovely relationship. I just dont want to spend too much time with him. Water and I need to maintain our relationship too. I was quite surprised to shoot 14 weddings. Its hard to wish to do something you have no control over. Though.. technically with second shooting I shot 15 weddings.

As for this year, my goals are quite different as there are a lot of changes coming up in my life soon.
1) Im only allowed to eat Fast Food once a week. Subway doesnt count.
2) I will try not to bite my nails. Ive been trying since I was old enough to realize biting my nails is gross. Now im just worried my nails will be SUPER ugly when/ if they ever DO grow out. Anyone have any tips or hints to help with this?

3) I will have a baby. I know this one is a given but I think its a pretty big thing. Its a good goal. I mean.. it would be weird if Little Jack just hung out in my belly for the rest of my life.
4) I will not buy any new clothes maternity or other wise until my pregnancy weight is back to where it needs to be. 135 lbs. I am allowed to buy accessories and baby clothes of course.
5) I would like to photograph 5 weddings this year. Why 5 you ask? 1: Im due in May(terrible timing with it being right smack dab in the middle of wedding season) 2: We are moving. We don't know where or when but we probably wont be here in good ole NC when the second wedding season sets in. 3: Because of those 2 reasons I only have one wedding booked right now. Thats 9 away from last year at this time. Ugh. Its very frustrating and there's nothing I can do about it.
6) I still want to get my craft on this year and I know I will with the baby on the way.. but I dont want to set any expectations. The same with cooking, reading and cleaning. :)
7) This year I WILL do a 52 weeks and 8) start a 365 of Little Jack. The 52 weeks because I want to document this sweet, huge belly Im getting. Once I have the baby it will turn into a 365 with one photo a week being a family photo. I also of course want to document Jack and his growth and the best way to do that is with a 365. Its going to be fun even if I dont post everything I take.

9) Take more photos for me. For no reason at all. Id like to document North Carolina while im still here. I need to go and do some exploration. I guess I just need to be outside more often.
10) I really need to get some things on the wall. Canvas', prints, random thrift store findings. Just something so our next house feels more homey.

 A few weeks ago Neil came home for emergency leave and we hiked over to his hometown of Oak Harbor, Washington. To get out of the house we did a little hiking to the top of a hill and of course I had to have a few photos of the newly developed bump. Here I am at 20 weeks. Im even bigger now at 22!

twenty weeks


Bela Naomi January 3, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

I'm sorry I can't get married AGAIN and hire you. I would if I could :-)

Keri Shadai January 3, 2011 at 11:18 AM  

I'm enjoying your blog! I love your sense of humor/sarcasm! Happy 2011 and congrats on the baby!

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