Twenty Four weeks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, its time for another belly shot. Its been a while. My goodness, taking a photo a week is hard work. How I ever completed my 365 in 08/09 Ill never know. I mean.. I know most of my photos were crap but I finished it! Recently there just isnt anything too too exciting to take photos of, plus ive been busy.


24.4 Weeks
How I feel: Not too different. I slept really bad the other night, I just couldnt get comfortable. I was quite frustrated as there seems there is no comfortable furniture in my house. I dont know what I was thinking before. But I do know im going to need a good comfy, chair to nurse LJ in. Cause the couch just aint gunna cut it I dont think. Other than that, its getting harder to get my shoes on. Im continuously out of breath, especially when talking on the phone. I tend to pace while on the phone so I suppose it can count as a workout.

At some point last week I felt a hand or something up at the top of my belly AND a kick at the bottom. Which means, there is ACTUALLY something inside me. Growing rapidly everyday. It was sorta neat because he's getting big and im excited about it. My goodness he moves a lot though. He either doesnt like hot chocolate or he loves it because if I ever want to make him squirm I drink it. Plus its so yummy right now since its cold out.

Cravings: Still nothing really. I still R E A L LY like fruity pebbles though. Dr Pepper is still up there though im drinking in moderation. Im trying to not drink soda more than once a week. So far I think Ive done pretty well- except for the first week of the new year.

Other changes: I was reading up on dry skin and I decided to give a go at dry brushing before my showers. The idea is that it helps get rid of all of the excess skin accumulating on the surface. Its also supposed to be a good stimulator and makes your skin less lazy so your cellulite will be less visible the more you use it. Im on day 2, so we'll see not that I really have cellulite. Well, not thats too too visible.

Ive also been cleaning and organizing the house. For those of you who I have let into the house you know Neil and I both are not the cleanest people in the world. Which makes living hard sometimes. Well not hard but more annoying since neither of us are OCD about anything. For almost 2 weeks Ive gone to bed with the dishes done AND Ive woken up and made my bed. Ive also been setting a timer for an hour a day and tackling something I thought was major before. Im on day 5 of this and its going super awesome so far. These HUGE messes have been able to be cleaned up in an hour. Here I was thinking it was going to take hours! So far, Ive tackled Neils hot spot in the kitchen(its not 100% done yet though), the pantry, I tackled most of the table tops in the house(side tables and living room table) and yesterday I defeated the dining room table. Mostly it was covered in photography stuff and I just wasnt sure where to put it. I found homes for everything and mopped and swept and it looks lovely now. Forgive the Iphone photo. Im quite sad I didnt take befores of anything. It would have made a bigger impact. Just know, there was a TON of crap on it before.

And yes, I know its not completely empty. I cant lift the rolls up by myself so they will stay there until someone nice comes over.

I feel a lot better about getting the house clean. Who knew it was so easy?! Just allotting a little time a day. Crazy, who knew!


Mike Miller January 20, 2011 at 9:54 AM  

My wife and Daughters were so beautiful at this time. Even if they didn't feel like it! You look great!

Melissa January 20, 2011 at 11:09 AM  

Looking good! It's very surreal feeling that movement inside you - yet it's the most wonderful thing in the world (to me). I'm not craving much of anything either - at least nothing noteworthy. There is still time to generate cravings though! Fortunately my weight gain is slowing down - thank goodness! I took my pregnancy picture this morning (I'm 25 weeks and 3 days today). Right now I'm only taking the pictures once a month (after my OB/GYN appointments), that seems to be working well. Maybe at some point I'll do them more frequently - we'll see.

And good job with the cleaning/organizing! Doesn't it feel wonderful to have that order?!?

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