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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I started registering for things pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I started small and would add things after I read review after review on multiple sites. Now, I sorta know more of what im looking for. Registering for me is different because I dont want a lot of crap and neither does Jack. He's going to have enough in his diaper ;) It is so hard to find cheaper things to add to my registry. Im already full up on things like clothes(thanks to the folks giving them - hand me downs FTW!) and blankets. My goodness, I have a ton of blankets already and I havent even had any shower yet. I can only imagine how many I will get then. Anyway, its also a bit different because were going to be cloth diapering. Back in 2005 I started doing research on cloth diapering. Why on earth I did that I have no clue! What 18/19 does that? Anyway, I kept up with the trends and what to do and what not to do. Now im pretty glad I did it because I think I would be a bit more stressed reading reviews on all of the options out there. Its a bit ridiculous the amount of even cloth diapers there are out there. Our plan will be to start out with prefolds in covers and then about a month in move up to All in Ones. Were going to go with Bum Genius as I read they are better at fitting more babies. Hopefully they will work out for us in the end. Im quite excited about it. Well.. now I am. Right now im not having to see poop and then wash it. Possibly wash it again and then hope its all out. :)

Anyway, I just wish stores like Target and BabiesRUs would sell more organic exciting things I actually wanted to register for. I was reading as normal and came across this post. I found it awesome. A lot of this stuff I hadnt even thought of adding to my own registry. I also liked a few of the suggestions like: a new track suit in a size up from the moms typical size (because moms dont typically shrink back and she needs something comfy, the idea of a gift certificate to a local newborn photographer ( being one, I think thats a great present and im quite surprised no one has asked for any of our local mommies) <-- that being said my plan was to gift a session to them but when I asked who wanted me, no one did. I didnt want to gift someone a gift they didnt want. :( I also liked the idea of gifting someone 3 months of cleaning service or grocery service. How awesome would it be to get a huge box of fresh fruit from a local farmers market!? That would be a pretty sweet present anyway. Which reminds me, I cant wait until Strawberry season this year. Ill even get to try out my new canning system my mother in law got me.

For our nursery were going with a loosely based woodland theme. Isnt everyone these days? Ive pretty much fallen in love with these though: the owl and the gnome. The gnome would most likely be my pick but im a cheapo and its not 69$ its 68 so its just not meant to be. These might be a good substitute though. If I were doing a flight/plane themed room I would jump on this! I havent decided how I want to display his name yet. Ill most likely make up some big fabric letters or maybe even pillows? That may be cute. For the big display in his room Im collecting random letters in random fonts and im going to decorate them in fun ways and display it above his crib. I need to get working on them now that I think of it. Perhaps that will be on my list in a few weeks. Im just excited to get where were going to get so I can paint and make it my own again. I feel like Ive never given this home a proper introduction. I feel like we didnt love it to its fullest.

Also, this is a random part in this post. But its something Ive been meaning to address or blog about rather. Giveaways. They are the bomb. Ive been entering them since I first found out about 'mommy blogs' and their usefulness. Im also quite good at winning. Really you just have to pick the right ones. So today I gathered up all that I could find/remember about that I had won.

So, whats all in this photo?
Kalorik blender
Super cute handmade bib
Handmade toddler tie
Grasshopper Cloth Diaper
4 board books
Simply Saline gift pack
Juno Baby DVD for toddlers
1 pair of baby legs

Other random stuff Ive won, a HUGE jar of pickles, a lot of gift cards to local restaurants, CSN giftcards, Amazon giftcards, a baby, a free photography session(with an awesome photographer), photography actions, a newborn diaper cover(for photoshoots) and im sure there are others

This probably isnt all of it but its what I could find off the top of my head. For the most part Ive only been entering baby giveaways in hopes that I may be able to safe on baby presents. But, most of what Ive won I want to keep for myself. :) Figures. Ive won other stuff on its way to me too like most recently I won a Britax booster seat. Now yes, Jack wont need it for a few years but its free and its BRITAX which is an awesome, safe brand. A lot of the winning I think comes in when you tweet about it a lot. Each tweet gives you more enteries to the giveaway. So when I find something I really want, I tweet about it anytime I can get credit for it. Currently Im working on 4 giveaways and I can tweet 4X a day. Thats a lot, so I made a new twitter account specifically for me to post about giveaways and so I can post about this blog.

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