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Thursday, January 6, 2011

So, on top of this being an adventurous year for me with the move and the baby I want to to continue to be creative. Or rather Ill rephrase, Im feeling a bit uninspired and lacking something. What im not sure of though. I feel like recently Ive just been living inside my house. Barely moving from my computer. Which.. is no fun. Its cold and I dont have that many sessions to get out and about with. A lot of my work now is working on albums and editing. So I want to start getting out more. Even if its just going around Pine Level and seeing whats up there. I need to get out. Im feeling a bit cramped. Ive started looking through photos over the past few years and what im finding is that now that im done with my 365 I BARELY ever take photos during the week. Or of things I see. Well, im pretty good with my iphone but I feel like im not documenting like I should. 
Anyway, in other news.

Im at 22 weeks!
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It doesnt seem like I look all that different with my clothes off. But I look crazy different with clothes ON. See that sweet photo by my new friend Bobby Bonsey? That was taken New Years Eve right at 21 weeks.


How im feeling? (im still very tired of this question BTW)
Well, quite sad actually. The house is lonely again without Neil here. Id kinda just got used to being alone and now im lonely again. I miss being able to just look over and say 'hey, what do you think of this?" How I function when he's gone im not sure. 

Baby wise im feeling tons of movement! Everytime it happens I get a little freaked out. Its still hard to believe there is something living inside me. I imagine my belly to be a fish tank right now. Theres a tiny goldfish that just keeps on getting bigger bumping into the walls right now. It seems like its flying by quite quickly. In less then 5 months Ill have a baby. THATS SO SOON! oh my. So much is going to happen between then and now its nuts.

What im craving?
Well you may or may not know I gave up soda for 2 years as New Years resolutions. If I were to say I was craving anything it would have to be Dr. Pepper. I think I may have been craving it the entire time and now I can drink it again. Im really trying to take it easy because I do have the little one inside to think about. I also know im not eating as healthily as Id like. Its hard to eat healthy being just me. I do need to throw in some more veggies though. Im not 100% Ive even had one veggie this week minus a few pieces of lettuce which I dont count as it was iceberg. So yeah, craving dr Pepper and thats about it. 

Any other changes?
Other than my larger belly most everything else is normal. Well, everything except my skin. Its C R A Z Y dry. My forehead flakes like snow. My arms and legs are dry too. Its quite odd. But im moisturizing as much as possible. I dont notice my hair getting any thicker due to a lack in hair loss. I also notice my hair coming out more than the usual. Perhaps Ill have an absolutely normal pregnancy and nothing will change except my belly. Id be ok with my feet not growing too.

I had a Drs. appointment yesterday and everything seemed fine. Im measuring normal. apparently Im 22 inches..( i think inches at least) from top to bottom and he says thats good cause it coincides with my week. Odd. Ive also not gained any weight since my last appt which he says is ok since Im measuring normal and im not starving myself. So Im still only +2 and still under 150 lbs for the time being.


Meagan Glover January 6, 2011 at 8:44 PM  

Sweet photo of you and Neil. You look so pretty. Love the hair! I hope you can find some inspiration to take photos during the week. That was one of my New Year's resolutions: to take more photos of Travis and I this year. I always have plenty of photos to edit and post between kiteboarding and swing. I can't imagine what it's like to have a load like you! I find the baby updates interesting, keep them coming!

Melissa January 7, 2011 at 11:24 AM  

I can tell a difference. I think you look lovely.

And good job with the weight gain. I am almost 24 weeks now and I've gained about 15 pounds.

Fortunately, I have slowed down the weight gain and hopefully it will settle down.

It is really weird to feel the baby inside of you! I love it. It's my favorite thing! This is my second. With my first, I always thought of him as an alien inside of me. It was all so foreign! It is still weird but more understabable. And again, I LOVE feeling my little girl moving inside.

Emily January 20, 2011 at 7:33 AM  

I love, love, love those silhouette photos!!!! I may have to copy that idea :)

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