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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uhhh, I am SUPER way behind on blogging personal stuff. I was in Florida in.. October. Wow. It seems like it was such a long time ago. I guess it was, around that time I was 10 weeks pregnant and I am now 25. TWENTY FIVE! Holy cow im going to have a baby soon! EEK! Anyway, here are some of my favorite personal images from the trip. Though- I will admit. When I wasnt shooting weddings I didnt really want to take photos so there arent THAT many awesome ones.


I took my first trip to Sea World. Thanks Sea World for letting Military in for free without their husbands. It was really nice and very relaxing for an amusement park. Alicia and I went on a non busy day and it was awesome. I didnt even have to wait super long for her to ride the roller coasters because.. Im definitely not a fan. 
My favorite show was the dolphins. It was pretty interesting.


The Shamu show was a big let down for me. Mainly because there was a guy right in front of us taking photos with his camera phone THE W H O L E TIME. Ugh, oh well. Shamu isnt allowed in the water with the trainers anymore due to the accident earlier this year. So a lot of the typical tricks you can imagine the silly whale wasnt allowed to do.  :(

A few days later Alicia and I traveled down to Fort Myers to see my friend Alex and while we were there we visited Sanibel. This wasnt my first time to Sanibel but I still loved it. Id really like to come back and take little Jack so he can see all the shells. Which I neglected to get a photo of. Alicia took most of the photos here and she got it along with the "Sanibel Stoop."
While we were on the island we got some geocaches. I think we got 6 that day actually. This was one of the spots. I was a bit nervous AND a bit relieved to have not seen any alligators. 

Throughout all of our time knowing about this mystical island of Sanibel we had always heard about this awesome restaurant called the Bubble Room. Well, it totally lived up to our expectations. It was yummy and super strange.
Alicia has a thing for Mr Kent.

And we finished off the meal with a SUPER YUMMY piece of cake. 
Apparently its their world famous and has won a lot of awards. It certainly deserved them.


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