Pregnancy Update: Thirty One weeks!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My goodness has it been a busy few weeks. I am not 32 weeks along. I think Im officially into my 8th month of pregnancy. Its been an interesting month full of lots of excitement. The dear husband comes home from Afghanistan in less than 24 hours. Which... is quite an exciting thing. Its been a L O N G deployment. I know I have no room to complain about my measly 7 months when there are others out there gone for a lot longer but still- adding on those last 3 months was seriously killer.


Last week was quite a hard week because I discovered something terrible hiding on my belly. Thats right, stretch marks. Ugh, for a while there I thought I was going to get away without them. Though-not a week before I told Neil I felt my stomach was SERIOUSLY stretching and HEY! what do you know. It was expanding. grumble grumble. I bet it was ALL that food I ate in Vegas..

Feeling fine other than that. I did have a dream about my mucus plug the other day. It came out in my dream and.. in real life I peed the bed. SO GLAD NEIL WAS STILL DEPLOYED for that one. GREAT.  

No real cravings I dont guess. I havent really wanted food recently though. Not the the extent that it was before but just nothing really sounds good. Not even cereal..! I know, BLASPHEMY! Ive been eating a lot of oatmeal. Did you know this was a common occurrence?
I had no idea. This was the first time it had ever happened to me and I posted something about it on facebook and there were like 20+ responses to how they hate when that happens. Is it sad I just scraped it all back and put it in the bowl and ate it?

Oh and I know Ive talked about how awesome my mother in law is on this blog but seriously, she is awesome. She has made me 3 maternity dresses and one maternity top recently. Here's a little preview of the top.
I know.. not the best but, I swear its cute. Ill have legit photos up of it soon I promise.

My weight was a little much at my last appointment but it was highly unusual due to me being in Vegas and eating differently'. I'm hoping it goes back to normal at this weeks appointment.
Darn Southwest and their temptations. 4 free drinks! Crazy. I wish Id had those going out to Vegas. I could have made some fellow passengers quite happy


Melissa March 15, 2011 at 8:51 AM  

I've definitely experienced the overflowing oatmeal before - and it really bummed me out!

And oops on the peeing on yourself. I did something similar this past weekend. I had to run to catch a train and the bladder just didn't hold. It wasn't obvious or apparent to others, but I could definitely feel it. Yuck (and embarrassing). I had to get home and change underwear and pants.

Hannah March 15, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

Oh my gosh! I thought the 7 months my husband was in Afghanistan was the longest of my life! And I had a newborn to take care of. And the day before he got home was an eternity in itself! About peeing due to your dream...I've actually dreamed I was sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom, and then I woke up to find I wet the bed. Seriously? I thought I was potty-trained by now...

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