Day 4 & 5: thrift shop yummies

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yesterday I had to go to court because I got a ticket back in October. In NC when you get a speeding ticket you either pay the full amount, hire a lawyer or go to court yourself. Figures I would get a ticket 3 hours away from my house now. Ugh. So, I got up at 4:30am and made the trek on over to Beaufort, NC. Turns out all you really have to do it show up, stand in line for a few minutes and when you reach the lady she asks, "do you want this lowered?" I wonder if anyone ever says "No, I totally deserve this amount." She didnt lower it too much but I guess it paid for my gas out there and back. Since I was out there and I had all day to do nothing I decided to get a few geocaches. I went around to a few Neil and I had tried to find previously and still had no luck. I did end up finding 3 or 4 we hadnt tried though. I even saw my first OTHER geogacher out and about. Neither of us could find it. :( Do you geocache? Find us here. We are Team Awesome-o.

After that most of the thrift stores were opened and I know I havent posted here enough for you to understand how much I love them but I most certainly do. I went to a few and they were kinda ehh. I did happen to see a quilt shop right on main street and I got all excited and then of course they are closed since its a Monday. Why are all quilt shops closed on Mondays? Its crazy annoying. Anyway, I got a few super cute things. I was in the Christmas spirit...


I got a few other assorted Christmas items as well including at least 100 gift tags and cute ceramic mouses.

I also got this big bag of buttons for 50cents

And this milk glass bowl

I absolutely love me some milk glass. There is just something so beautiful about it. Its classic and gorgeous.

I found a few sweaters for myself and Neil and these super sweet vintage pillowcases
Im not sure why Im all about the 70s recently. Its kinda weird.

Anyway, it was a great day. It ended with me finally deciding to go with 9block squares and I was sewing away. I did the same today. Half the top of the runner is done but I had to put it down for today. And I dont want to bore you with photos of the same thing over and over so I opted out of a photo today.

Hopefully in the next few days Ill get to something more colorful!


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