Day 6 & 7: Pillow- Check!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look at what I finished today!

Pillow finished!

Isn't is awesome!

Today I put some embroidery on the back panel

embroidery on back
I like it.

Im very happy to be done and it is my first real thing I have finished so far. I am counting the embroidery as a project in itself so technically its my first and second finished product.

Ive had quite the busy week. Busy doing random stuff though.

I dont think I ever posted about my new years resolution(s)...
I figured it might be nice to make a list that way at the end of the year I can see how I did. Here goes.

1) Not to drink soda pop again this year (last years old resolution)
2) Cook at least 10 things a month
3) Read at least 5 books, rereading the Twilight saga doesn't cut it. :(
4) Obviously the crafts, hopefully 365 in the end.
5) Shoot 15 weddings, I have 5 booked now I just need to find 10 more. Any takers?
6) Shoot a model once a month. I'm no good when it comes to models, mainly because I don't know strobes the way I want to. Because of that it makes me think I'm less of a photographer. I know that sounds silly but I'm going to try. Ive already got January's lined up for when I'm in Orlando later on in the month.
7) Ill also try to clean more but im not having that be a resolution
8) get creative with my 52 weeks I started today. You should check it out in a few weeks. I have a few awesome ideas.

I think that's it. I know its a lot. But if you don't set goals how are you do push yourself? hah, I originally wrote that as "punch yourself." I know I probably wont do it all especially once Neil is deployed again(the cooking part) but Ill try!

Oh yeah, check out these sweet pjs I found at Target :)
Feeling at gnome
Neil's call sign is Gnome so Ive been collecting "gnomey" things ever since.


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