day 8-11: Soiree Quilt- Check

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I bet you thought I had given up didn't you? I didn't Ive been busy. Busy with other things and I haven't been able to sew or anything until late in the night and by then the photo taking is no good. Last weekend was pretty busy. I don't remember what I did but I was worn out and not feeling so well.

I did make some progress on some sewing things though. I binded a quilt ive been working on since before Neil left on deployment. Its only my second one. The pattern I used was from Moda bakeshop. Have you seen their tutorials. Some are pretty fantastic. This quilt seemed quite easy for a beginner. I used 2 of Moda's Soire charm packs and white Kona cotton solid on the sashing. I forget what lines I backed it in. I really like the back although I don't have any photos for you to see now. Later on when I have Neil helping me I will. I ended up using the same line as it is in the tutorial so just assume it looks a lot like the one shown until I can get a better photo.


The binding matched perfectly and its from Michael Miller's soire line. Odd that that are both from a "soire" line and look a lot alike. Anyway, like I said this was my second quilt ever and boy did that binding give me a rough time. I did it a completely different way last time and it looked like crap in my opinion. :/ So it took me one day to actually get it on right and I had to rip it up a few times to get it on straight. Ughhhhhh. Then last night I finished it by hand sewing the back of the binding on. Its a bit wonky in spots but I don't think it looks too bad. Plus, it was good practice. And hey, I'm done with it. I'm not sure who will be the recipient but two of my family members are preggers and neither one know what they are having so I guess if either one of them are having a girl then its for them. :)

blue binding

I started working on Katie's blocks for the quilting bee while I was frustrated with my binding. I like the one I have started I just need to get it finished and then do another. Once they are through Ill put up some photos of them.

Sometime last week I was meandering around TJMAXX and I stumbled upon this little bit of awesomeness. I have just read a blog about how Sublime Stitches no longer carries it and the only way I get my greedy little nibs on a copy is to buy one from a store and who knows how many are left out there. Well I practically stole this for a whopping 3.99! Wahooooooo! It really made my day.
sweet deal

Yesterday I had a newborn session with the cutest little guy in the world. His mom also rocked my socks. She had a ton of ideas and we rocked them. Anyway to get to my point I came home to some awesome new fabrics!! I signed up for the monthly stash building club at and this months "theme" was Free Spirit. Next month is Amy Butler and March is Heather Bailey. I'm really hoping that the only fabrics I get from the Heather Bailey month is Nicey Jane. I'm so in love with that fabric. Hey, my birthday is coming up? If you're going to get me something Id love 2 yards of each print. Thank you :)

Oddly enough from this lot I already had three of the fabrics. :) But I did get two from nicey jane!


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